Sweet Little Princess…

All little princesses should have someone to protect them, and this sweet one certainly does! Her protector is her big brother who adores her, although he’s only known her for a few short weeks! When little Miss A came into the studio for her newborn photos at 13 days old, her big brother came along too…just to make sure she was well taken care of and to protect her from the big, bad teddy bears if needed! How lucky and blessed is this princess!


Rolling on the River…


The Mississippi River is an awesome backdrop for a photography session – especially in the afternoon with the soft golden glow of the setting sun washing over everything. This family was so much fun to be with. The brother and sister truly love each other and absolutely adore their mom! When we headed downtown to the river, we knew exactly what the mom was looking for…a large print of the kids looking out over the river with the sun setting. And as an extra bonus we got a barge in the background! It was an amazing afternoon – the weather was slightly crisp, there were some clouds in the sky, and the river flowed lazily south under the bridge.









Beautiful You Beauty Portrait…

This beautiful woman celebrated her birthday by having Beautiful You portraits taken. She had been in a dark place for several weeks, but after seeing her images she felt so much better about herself. We’ve all been there. We’ve felt too old, too fat, too skinny, too wrinkly, too something, but in reality no one else sees that. They only see our beautiful smile, our sparkly eyes, our inner beauty that shines on the outside.

What I want a woman to see with the Beautiful You collection is how her husband and others see her, not how she sees herself. I recently saw a Dove commercial on YouTube where an artist sketched a model hidden behind a curtain. The model described herself to the artist as he “blindly” sketched her. Then her friends came in and described her while he sketched a different portrait. The difference between the two sketches was amazing! The sketch with her friends description was beautiful, the other self-described sketch didn’t look like the model at all. There is beauty in all of us…it’s in the eye of the beholder!!

Here’s the link to the Dove commercial – it’s fascinating!


Kids’ Triathlon First Place Winners

Last month I had the opportunity to photograph some wonderful future Olympians at the Batlett Kids’ Triathlon. What made it even more fun was two of the participants were young friends of mine who both finished in first place in their own age group. Afterwards, their mother asked me to print a book capturing their moments to victory.

Personalities Plus…

I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon at one of our local parks with three of the greatest kids – each with their very own different personality! One is quite, one is bubbly, and one is curious. Can you figure out which is which?

Ferris Wheels and Carnival Lights…

I love carnivals and fairs…the Ferris wheels, merry-go-rounds, and carnival rides – especially at night. I know it’s not for everyone, but for me – I love it…the bright lights, the mixed array of sounds, the yummy food smells. I guess maybe because it brings back great memories of younger days when Cotton Carnival was held downtown on the river. Then after my kids came along I got to share the excitement with them at the Mid-South Fair. Unfortunately, my carnival ride days are over, but I can still enjoy all the fun through the lens of my camera.


Sparks in the sky…

I absolutely l-o-v-e fireworks…the bright colors against a dark background, the surprise of the shape when it explodes, the oohs and aahs, even the loud booms. This year I was able to get to see two firework events and would have tried for more if I could. I am amazed at how they can pack the shells in such a way that when they explode they make a specific design. A couple of years ago I saw fireworks that exploded into a smiley face!

The master of fireworks display has to be Disney! Oh, my gosh, they are awesome! We were there for Halloween several years ago and the fireworks were beyond words. You could recognize the face of Mickey and even the wicked witch – all done with sparks in the sky!

Here are some of my favorite fireworks photos that I took this year.

Thanks for making it all the way through!
Let me know if you like fireworks as much as I do.

For those interested in how I got that last shot, I’ll tell you. I set my camera (Nikon D90) on manual with manual focus, manual shutter speed at 4.2 seconds (I used the bulb feature which means that I counted how long to leave the shutter open), ISO 200, and aperture at f11. After I clicked the remote to start taking the shot I turned the lens in and out of focus and then clicked the remote again to stop the shot. I am now in love with this technique for fireworks. I can’t wait until the next 4th of July to try it again!

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