Life is an adventure…

More of this cute little adventurer with his adoring parents.




Life is to be explored…

My nephew called to ask if I would take his son’s one year photos. They live out of town and only get home a couple of times a year so I agreed – this was a sure-fire way I would get to spend a couple of hours with them!

This little boy was so curious! He had to check out everything in our backyard making it hard at times to get him to look at the camera. It didn’t matter if it was a stick, a flower, the dog , or even his parents –he was on the move! I had a little Golden Book (remember those – do they even still have them?) that would keep his attention for a moment, but then something else would catch his eye and off we’d go!

He may only be one, but for this little adventurer…life is to be explored!

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Balloons Make A Good Day Even Better…

It was a good day… warm and windy with lots of clouds in the sky. A good day for photos with little Miss S. Her mother is in the Navy and has been deployed for most of the year. Miss S wanted to send her mother a special photo book for Mother’s Day, so we headed out to capture her spirit and smile. She was ready to be photographed and even had her own ideas for poses, but when I brought out the balloons… her spirited soared and her smile beamed even more – if that could be possible. It had started to rain and the wind had picked up, but that didn’t stop her. She asked, “Do you want me to run up that hill with the balloons?” And so she did three times! She was so fun and so full of energy. I know her mother will cherish her Mother’s Day photo book forever…and I’ll remember how balloons can make a good day even better!



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