Beautiful You…Andrea

This tall, beautiful young woman is beginning her modeling career and I had the privilege of photographing her. I wanted to try some new lighting equipment and she needed some images for her portfolio. What more could a photographer ask for, a beautiful model and new lights! We were a perfect combination!



Big Sky Country…

Big Sky Country… you have to see it to fully grasp the enormous expanse of land and sky. The sky seemed to go forever against the unobstructed horizon. When we were there, a storm was brewing and the clouds were amazing. They billowed and rolled over the landscape and mountains. We headed out from Bozeman traveling the backroads and found what we call in the south farms, but in Montana they’re ranches. Some have been there for generations. Big Sky Country…breathtaking in every direction!

No Words for the Beauty of Yellowstone…

I’ve been very blessed to have been able to travel , both nationally and internationally…Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, Greece, The Netherlands and 25 states here in the US. Each has their own characteristics from beautiful beaches to majestic mountain ranges to pastoral farmlands. But I have to say that Yellowstone National Park has the most varied landscape I think I’ve ever seen. There aren’t enough words to describe the beauty and majesty of this park.

You can go to one part of the park and see bison grazing, drive 20 minutes and find the most bizarre, barren landscape this side of the moon. You can hike forests with mountain streams and waterfalls, watch geysers spraying high into the sky, and feel the warmth of boiling pots of liquid sending mounds of steam into the air.

Now onto the next adventure…South Dakota and the Badlands.


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