Dance Band Swings At Kingsport TN FunFest

It was so much fun documenting the main attraction at the Kingsport TN FunFest. The Spirit of Soul Dance Band’s 70s & 80s music mixed with R&B and Beach music made it very difficult to keep my camera focused and move my body at the same time. When they started playing you just had to clap, snap, and move. The vocals were amazing and the horn section was unsurpassed, not to mention the guys playing rhythm and bass guitars and the keyboardist who were all outstanding. And the awesome drummer – well, he kept the beat going all night.

People filled the downtown streets of Kingsport dancing and swinging to the sounds of SOS. The band played for two hours, from 8-10 pm, and after three encores I think the crowd would have stayed for another two hours! Even people who were sitting were moving something and clapping to the beat. Adults and kids of all ages enjoyed this July night swinging to the sounds of Spirit of Soul. It was pure fun! I can’t wait to spend time with this #1 dance band in East TN again!

SOS Collage

SOS Collage 2

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