Another Beautiful You …with an English Beauty

My young friend from England visited recently and wanted Beautiful You images of herself. She’s a photographer too, so she was already into posing before I even asked her to turn her head, twist at the waist, and all those other “torturous” things! We has so much fun applying makeup and curling hair and making gorgeous images!


Daniella 5795 web




Beautiful You…and Gorgeous Too!

A “Beautiful You” session reminds me of playing Barbies because I want the models to twist at the waist, turn their head 180˚, pull their chin out and down, twist their shoulder to the front, and smile – all at the same time! (I did ask one model if she could spin her head around like the girl in the Exorcist!)

A bonus to the day was getting to take a few images of this handsome young boy! He had been watching his mommy pose all morning and had the moves down! So fun!

Renee 5512Ross 5501

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