Sunset on the River

I never tire of photographing the Mississippi River at sunset. It’s so mesmorizing, watching the water roll by and waiting for the sun to color the sky. And if you wait for just a little while, you’ll see one of the many barges that go up and down the river.

We’re fortunate in Memphis to have two bridges that cross the river, the Hernando DeSoto Bridge and the “old” bridge (which is actually three bridges just feet apart from each other). The bridges in this photo are the old Harahan Bridge, Memphis & Arkansas Bridge, and the Frisco Bridge.

Woven together by choice…

2017 Graham-Katt movie-3131-2

What more could a photographer ask for than a client who loves your work, values your artistic ability, and has family portraits done every two years! What made this year special was the inclusion of the mom’s fiancé and his family – a total of 8!

I found a phrase online (I couldn’t find the author to credit) that describes this family perfectly, “Woven together by choice, strengthened by love.”

2017 Graham-Katt movie-2904

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2017 Graham-Kaat-3120

The Old Bridge Across Ol’ Man River…

2017 Graham-3260

Before heading to the Mississippi River to photograph a family, I already knew what the mom was wanting – another large, framed wall print of her two kids. I had already photographed these two with the Hernando De Soto Bridge in the background. This time the three “old” bridges that span Ol’ Man River to the south would be the background. It started off a bit windy, but by the time the sun was setting the wind had calmed down a little and the sky was gorgeous!

Kids grow and change so fast. When I first photographed this family in 2013, the kids were in elementary school. Now one is in high school and driving, and the other one is a confident young teen. These two have so much fun together and it’s always a blast to photograph them and their shenanigans!


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