Whatever their name tulip magnolias signal spring is near…

spring flowers 201
The first sign of spring in my yard is my tulip magnolia. The blooms are a deep purplish pink and remind me of origami. After searching the name of this tree that sits at the corner of my house, I discovered it was called “Little Girl Magnolia” and they come in a variety of colors and names – Betty, Ann, Susan, and Jane. Whatever its name I look forward to my tulip magnolia blooming every year because I know that spring is just around the corner bringing warmer temperatures and longer days!

DSLR Worskhops for 2014

Do you have a DSLR camera and shoot in auto and still get blurry, dull images?

Do all those buttons intimidate you?

Take control of your camera and learn to shoot in manual. You’ll be surprised at how much clearer and sharper you photos can be!

This DSLR camera workshop is designed to take you from auto to manual and help you understand exposure, metering, and composition. There are 4 hours of instruction, hands-on practice, a workbook to take home, and a light lunch. By the end of the day you will have the tools needed to take creative control of photos, eliminate blurry photos, and use your DSLR camera with confidence.

All you need is a DSLR camera that changes lens.

“Learn to Click DSLR class was terrific! Lana, You truly have a wonderful gift- Thank You for sharing your time, knowledge, guidance, teaching, patience, and experiences. The teaching material was very well prepared and easy to follow. I am so excited to practice all that I leaned. THANK you!! – Angie G.

Call to find out about when the next class is schedules.

Class size is limited so register today!


To register, email workshops@lanarobison.com

dslr workshop


Solitude in the Sierras…


The Sierra Nevada Mountains in the fall showcase such brilliant, bright colors, especially the yellows in the aspens. I came across this creek while photographing in the eastern Sierra Nevadas and it was so peaceful looking. I love the bright yellows against the dark greens of the pines and the reflection in the water.

The Little Cowboy…

This little cowboy was so excited to visit the barn and see the horses. He had everything he needed to look like a real-live cowboy…a flannel shirt, a pair of boots, and a real cowboy hat! The only thing he was lacking was a little bit of courage. You see this cowboy had never been this close to a horse before, and this horse was so-o-o much bigger than he was. But the cowboy’s newly found friend was so gentle that he eventually won the little cowboy over. They spent the morning getting to know each other and at times taking turns leading. After some guidance from the trainer the little cowboy got the hang of it and began to lead his new best bud around the ring with confidence. By the end of the day the little cowboy and the horse had become friends indeed!

I am so proud of this young 6 year old boy for taking the challenge to try something new and conquering his fears! Thank you to Oakland Stables in Oakland, TN for the use of their indoor riding area and providing the horse used in these images.

little cowboy

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