Ghosts & goblins, princess & superheros…

Halloween…one of my most favorite holidays. Every since I was a little kid and rummaged through my mother’s closet to come up with a costume, I’ve loved it. It was that one special night of the year where you could dress up and pretend you were a princess or clown or cowgirl. With four kids in the house and a limited wardrobe to use, we were usually gypsies, ghosts, and, most likely, hobos.

Back when I was young, which my granddaughters think was during the Dark Ages, we could wander through neighborhoods until way after dark – without our parents! We used paper grocery sacks or pillow cases to collect our treats, and sometimes we had to ask for extra sacks to carry our loot.

Times have changed and now parents have to be more careful where they let their kids trick or treat. More and more organizations are holding fall festivals and trunk or treats to offer safe environments for little ghosts and goblins. I was privileged to photograph two events this year and witnessed first hand that gypsies, ghosts, and hobos are no longer the costumes of choice. Instead they are replaced with elaborate store bought princesses and superheros.

But whether it’s hobos and princesses, or fall festivals and neighborhood trick or treating, Halloween is still a special night of dress up and, of course, candy!!

Jelly Fish, Sea Dragons, and Fish-eating Anemones?

A recent visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium provided an insight to underwater sea creatures that I’ve only seen in Disney and Pixar movies. I didn’t know and didn’t really stop to think that the characters portrayed in children’s flicks such as Finding Nemo, Shark Tale, and The Reef were actually based on real creatures! Silly me! If you ever get the opportunity to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium, I highly recommend it. You won’t be disappointed!

Here’s a link to a video of jelly fish: Monterey Bay Aquarium.

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