Simple joys…

It’s funny how little kids find the simplest things so fascinating. Common, ordinary yellow flowers that most of us walk over and step on without a second thought, become the objects of fascination and demands close examination. I don’t know if it’s the bright color, the abundance, or that it’s something to be dissected…but these treasures just can’t be ignored.

This little boy, who happens to be one of my great-nephews, found a a field of yellow flowers that needed to be explored. When he saw them he jumped from his mother’s arms and immediately started his quest! If only the rest of us “older” kids could find such fascination in simple joys!


There are two words that I don’t think describe me – impulsive and spontaneous. I like a plan. I like to know what lies ahead of me. Before I get out of bed, I’m planning my day. I’m writing articles and emails in my head and making lists. Don’t get me wrong, I like to leave some things to chance, but within a framework of a plan.

Over the years I’ve tried to be more spontaneous, just letting the day take me wherever. On occasion my husband and I have headed out with no particular place to go. Those have always been fun and interesting trips, but not without some consternation on my part about where we’re going to sleep when we get there!

I admit I have made some impulsive buying decisions. That pair of boots in the top of my closet with heels much too high for me to wear – but oh, so cute! Those low rise jeans that looked good in the store, but at home reality is my muffin top looked more like an exploded popover. See, I’m not totally without some spontaneity.

There is an “inside me”… a me that longs for adventure without control, a me that likes to say “in a heartbeat.” And not long ago that “inside me” me took control and the result was a spontaneous, impulsive trip to Charleston, SC.

Here’s how it went down – A friend had planned the trip with two others months in advance. The night before they were to leave she mentioned that she wished she knew someone else who could go because they had room for another person. To which I replied, “Oh, I wish I had known, I would have loved to go.” My friend said, “You would have?” I spontaneously exclaimed, “In a heartbeat!”

The next thing I knew I had bought a plane ticket to leave the next morning at 8 am, had packed a suitcase, and called my boss to tell him I would be gone for a week. All of this within 2 hours! All night I kept telling my husband, “I can’t believe I just did this! I don’t do things like this! I don’t have a plan!” I told him the next time I was being impulsive, to please be the voice of reason. He just smiled and said, “Have a good time!”

When I told my adventurous, live-on-the-edge son about my impulsive decision and how this was “so, not like me,” his reply was, “It is so you! And the word is spontaneous, not impulsive.”

Spontaneous! Such a better word than impulsive. Impulsive is a sudden urge or feeling not governed by reason. A definition of spontaneous is, “Arising from a natural inclination or impulse, said or done without having been planned or written in advance; coming or resulting from a natural impulse or tendency; without effort or premeditation; natural and unconstrained; unplanned.” Doesn’t that sound so much better than “not being governed by reason”?

So maybe, spontaneous does describe me. So maybe, I’ll let the “inside me” come out to play more. Then again…I wonder if there is such a thing as planned spontaneity?

Only in Christ can we be who we were truly meant to be.

(©Lana Robison – Photos of Charleston, SC 2012)

I love the quaint cobblestone streets of Old Town in Charleston.

The lights at night in Old Town Charleston give the city a romantic ambiance.

I was hoping to get some street photography, but there were mostly tourists like me who were taking photos themselves.

A few more of a sweet little boy…


It’s Fun Being Great…

Fun is being a great-aunt to sweet nephews and nieces. To me it’s totally fun seeing the offspring of my family as the generations begin to extend. Your children having children makes you a grandmother and then your nephews and nieces having children makes you “great!” Both are absolutely wonderful!

Here are a few photos of the youngest great-nephew. He’s such a cutie and was full of curiosity the day we visited together.

A holiday tradition…”A Christmas Carol”

Going to see “A Christmas Carol” at Memphis Theater has become a holiday tradition for my granddaughter and me. This year was our third performance of watching Scrooge transform from a lonely, miserly, miserable human being to a loving, kind, and very generous man.

As I was watching the play this year, it dawned on me for the first time that what Scrooge was missing in his life, or maybe once had but lost, was love. Genuine, lasting love. The kind of love we find in Christ. The kind of love that God our Father showers on us. The kind of love that can’t be taken away. The kind of love that makes us want to shout with joy, jump with happiness, and share with overflowing generosity. Poor Scrooge missed this kind of love most of his life, but when he found it at the end of the play he made up for lost time! So, if anyone calls you a “Scrooge,” just say, “Thank you, and Merry Christmas!”

In the words of Scrooge and Tiny Tim, “God bless us! Yes, God bless us everyone!”

This year we took a children’s copy of “A Christmas Carol” and had “Scrooge” sign it.

I think she’s trying to figure out if that’s her uncle or if he’s really Scrooge.

My granddaughter knew the story this year by heart and was telling me what was going to happen next. Last year she was scared of the Marley’s ghost for several days after the play. I had to hide the book too. She wanted to read it, but was scared at the same time! (Doesn’t the macabre do that with all of us? It does me. I’m drawn to a scary movie, all the while knowing that I’m going to be scared.)

It’s nice to have a connections when it comes to getting photos taken with some of the cast members.
Thank you Great-uncle Mark for another wonderful performance as Ebenezer Scrooge, Esq.

My cute little elf!

This cute little elf is such a joy to have around. After I finished taking her photo, she had to take photos of her babies. The unfortunate thing was that I gave her the remote for the camera and 50 photos later I realized what I had done!! She is becoming quite the photographer and I totally love that!!


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