Little Man Turns 2…

This cute little man stole my heart the first time he smiled! So typical of a 2 year old he was up, down, and all around! I’m not beyond a bribe! I admit – I did entice him with candy to get him  to sit still for just a moment. But it was worth it to get the cutest little dimple you ever saw! He loves Elmo, books, and being outside. Happy Birthday, Little Man!

Rolling on the River…


The Mississippi River is an awesome backdrop for a photography session – especially in the afternoon with the soft golden glow of the setting sun washing over everything. This family was so much fun to be with. The brother and sister truly love each other and absolutely adore their mom! When we headed downtown to the river, we knew exactly what the mom was looking for…a large print of the kids looking out over the river with the sun setting. And as an extra bonus we got a barge in the background! It was an amazing afternoon – the weather was slightly crisp, there were some clouds in the sky, and the river flowed lazily south under the bridge.









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