The best is yet to come…

A shy, quiet marine falls in love with a spunky, red-haired young woman who loves and adores him, and then the most wonderful thing happens…

You have to know this couple to truly understand why they wanted to get married on her parents’ farm in middle Tennessee, on top of a hill overlooking rolling green hills with cows grazing in the background. This is who they are…down-to-earth, laid-back, carefree. They just wanted to marry each other more than anything else.

The simple, sweet ceremony with just family and close friends showcased the bride and groom as the centerpiece. The decorations, supplied by Mother Nature, were embellished with blue skies and golden sunlight. And so their adventure began, beside the tree where he carved their initials.

Laughter. Pure, unadulterated, heart-felt laughter. That’s the word that best described this wedding. Even though the groom repeatedly said he didn’t smile, the very presence of his bride couldn’t keep his smile at bay. How could he, or anyone else for that matter, be around this effervescent, bubbling spring of life and sparkle and not feel joyous? Especially this day of all days, when he looked into his bride’s radiant face and promised to love her forever!

The groom, it turned out, has a little streak of spunk himself. He insisted on keeping his ring before the wedding instead of giving it to the Maid of Honor. When the minister asked for the groom’s ring during the ceremony, it couldn’t be found! The groom looked in all of his pockets. The groomsmen looked in their pockets. No ring! The minister took off his ring and gave it to the bride to use as a substitute for the misplaced ring. You could see a slight hint of confusion come across the face of the still smiling bride. And then this prankster, this practical joker magically produced the real ring – much to the amusement and laughter of everyone!

Two souls, one love, a life-time of adventure…the best is yet to come!

Watch a video of the day and experience the laughter.

yell shertzer after ceremony-1-3

yell shertzer ceremony-18 web

yell shertzer-48



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