Hot Air Balloons…

I love hot air balloons, but have never had the chance to photograph them…until last night! Our little city held its annual Fall Festival and Balloon Glow and I never knew they had a balloon glow. Where have I been? I do admit that it’s been many years since I’ve been to the festival (not since my children were little and they’re grown now) so I don’t know when they added the hot air balloons, but I’m glad they did!

Here’s a quick story about my experience with hot air balloons…when my children were younger, about 8 & 9 years old, we saw a brightly colored hot air balloon coming closer and closer to our house. We had almost an acre side yard with an empty lot next door – a perfect landing spot. The balloon landed, threw out ropes for us to help hold it down, and the occupants climbed out of the wicker basket. You don’t realize how very big a hot air balloon is until you’re standing next to it!

The pilot told us that traditionally each time a hot air balloon lands champagne is shared with the landowner. This custom originated back in the 1700s to help make peace with the farmer whose land they had disturbed. We toasted the safe landing of the hot air balloon and its passengers and wished them well as their chase crew loaded it up and hauled it away.

Added to my bucket list…a ride in a hot air balloon!

2015 balloon glow-2

2015 balloon glow-3


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