Pirates, Horses, and Photographers…

Once a year over 1000 photographers meet in Addision, Texas for the biggest and the best school of photography in the U.S – probably in the world since there were students from at least five other countries. Texas School of Photography is an intense week long school with some of the top instructors in the industry. Students choose a class and an instructor and spend the entire week learning from that photographer, soaking in all the knowledge and expertise they so willing share. And it’s not only in the classroom that you learn – it could be in the elevator, at dinner, at the nightly parties, or just walking through the trade show that Arlington Camera sets up. Everyone is so open and willing to share knowledge and give advice. At the end of the week students and instructors take part in an evening called “The Shoot Out” with staged sets complete with models, lights, and props. Thanks Texas School for another great week of learning and fun!

2015 TX school-1

2015 TX school- 2

3 Comments on “Pirates, Horses, and Photographers…

  1. Lana, I love your behind the scene stories about your photographs! The photographs are awesome! Love the shadows on the pirate photograph!

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