Maternity… Waiting on #3

Isn’t it funny that when we’re pregnant with our first child, we take photos during the entire 9 months to document this wonderous event. Then when the second one comes along, we get some photos of our growing belly, especially with the older sibling kissing the new baby. But when number three is on the way, we’re doing good just to get our hair washed occasionally and not be in our pajamas at dinner time! The thought of photographs is beyond our comprehension!

This is number three for my friend and she is amazing! She has the cutest little baby bump. We shot some family images first and then dad took the girls home so mom had a few hours of alone time – well, except for me and my assistant. We got some really cute images and she was so sweet to let me take some photos of her sweet baby belly.


Moris Maternity 0622 web
Moris Maternity 0917 web


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