The Lost Bird…

After my granddaughter received a plastic parakeet for Christmas, we started imagining a photo shoot centered around the little bird. It was originally going to be about a “princess”.  She insisted it was a princess not just a little girl – a big difference to a 9 year old who finds a lost bird in the woods in winter. She put it in a cage and took it home to care for it.

We never could schedule the shoot – either the weather wouldn’t cooperate or our schedules were too full. Finally, at the beginning of spring just when everything was starting to bloom, we scheduled the shoot. But we had to change the story a little. Here’s the edited version of our story.

A “princess” takes her pet bird to the woods to set it free. She lets her feathered friend out of the cage and they play together for a while. The bird doesn’t realize that it’s totally free, it thinks they’re playing like they do everyday in the princess’ bedroom. Suddenly, the princess hears something and looks up to see a hawk hovering overhead. Worried the predator is after her bird, she tries to get her friend back in its cage. But after flying to a few low branches the bird realizes it’s free and flies away. With tears in her eyes she watches the bird fly farther and farther away until she loses sight of her little friend. She finally leaves the woods with an empty cage and a sad heart. Hoping that the bird would return to its cage, she turns around one last time and sees the little bird flying back to her!

My “princess” is quite creative and really got into the drama of the story!


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