About a month ago, my neighbor had a mama duck nest in her backyard, right next to her swimming pool. Apparently, it takes twenty-eight days after the eggs are laid for the ducklings to hatch…and, sure enough, these babies came right on schedule!

The morning of the twenty-eighth day, eleven eggs started hatching. By that evening, the nine surviving ducklings were swimming around in my neighbor’s pool! (I guess they thought it was their own private cement pond.) Mama duck waddled back and forth along the side of the pool and her babies followed her, paddling as fast as they could to stay up with her.

My neighbor made a makeshift ramp out of a thin float and pool noodles so the ducklings could waddle out of the pool. They tried climbing the ladder, but couldn’t quite make that first step! It was funny watching them try to figure out the ramp. They weren’t sure what it was at first or how to utilize it, but when the first little duckling climbed on, the rest quickly followed.

By the next morning, mama duck had the ducklings in the creek that runs behind our houses. Apparently, she had decided it was time to live in the real world!


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