2013 Bartlett Small Fry Tri

Of all the events I have the privilege of photographing for the Bartlett Recreation Center I have to say the Small Fry Tri probably is my most favorite. These little athletes range in ages from 2 years to 6 years and compete in individual age groups. They run and bike and “swim” as hard as they possibly can. Some are a little timid racing with their peers, so parents give encouragement by running along side their children. The best part is watching the kids, and often parents, in the “swim” leg of the triathlon. A large sprinkler called the “rainmaker” is setup for the swim part and competitors run through the drenching spray of water to the finish line! Everyone in this triathlon wins and receives a medal for their gallant effort. Hopefully, these young triathletes will one day participate in the Bartlett Kids’ Triathlon and go on to race in the Bartlett Splash and Dash.

2013 Small Fry Tri41782013 Small Fry Tri4376

2013 Small Fry Tri4224

2013 small fry tri poster web

2013 Bartleltt Kids’ Triathlon

This is about my third year photographing the Bartlett Kids’ Triathlon for the Bartlett Recreation Center. These young athletes swim, bike, and run as hard and as fast as they can to take home the first place medal. Their ages range from 7 years through senior in high school and they compete in their own age groups.

Bartlett High School and Bolton High School track teams help with the event each year. I’m always moved at the sight of these high school students running with the last participant to the finish line encouraging the runner toward the finish line. They never let a runner finish alone. The photo that stood out to me this year was the dad running with his young son and the track team running behind them.

Next is the Small Fry Tri later in August and I can’t wait to watch these little bitty ones compete in their triathlon.

BRC kids tri track team

2013 kids tri web

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