The Tetons…

The smoke from the fires burning in Washington and Montana in the fall of 2017 obscured the peak of the majestic Grand Teton. In fact, we could scarcely see the top of any of the other mountains. Although the haze prevented us from viewing high peaks of the Tetons, we toured and hiked the park taking it all it had to offer before heading to Yellowstone.

One morning during our visit, we got up very earlier and drove over the pass from Idaho, where we were staying, to photograph the Moulton Barn with the mountains behind it. The sky was so thick with smoke that the usually bright morning sun was almost hidden from view. Unfortunately, the mountains behind the barn were covered in haze and smoke. I photographed the famous barn and when I turned to walk back to the car, the scene behind me was bathed in a beautiful, early morning light. This was a great reminder to always look completely around a subject when you’re photographing, you never know when the more interesting view turns out to be behind you!

We’ll go back to the Tetons one day to view all the majesty and beauty of that National Park. Maybe then the peaks won’t be covered in smoke and I’ll get that famous photo of Moulton’s Barn! If not, there’s so much more to see!

2017 Tetons-0167

One Comment on “The Tetons…

  1. Beautifully written. And beautiful pictures. Sr you soon.

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