When Plan B turns out to be the better option

I was approached by our local recreation center to help create a visual display of the management staff and the fitness trainers. I had planned to photograph everyone outdoors using natural light, but the weather didn’t cooperate…on the morning of the shoot it was raining!

Camera equipment and clients don’t mix well with rain, so Plan B was executed. My assistant and I grabbed a speedlight and a small shoot through umbrella, set up in the cardio room, and went to work photographing the staff and trainers.

By shooting indoors in the cardio room we were able to capture the ambience of the gym with the equipment in the background and give the images a warmer, friendlier feel.

The director wanted bios with each photo, so I designed an 11×17 poster for each team member that was inserted into a contemporary, acrylic hanging display system. It looks fantastic! It lets the gym members know who the staff is and which trainer meets their fitness needs.

What I learned from this experience…always have a Plan B. It just might be a better plan than the original one!



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