The Rocky Coastline of Northern California…

Rocks, kelp, sea lions, and otters…all regular sightings when you visit the northern California coastline. The sea shore is rocky and so different from the southern sandy beaches. But it  was just as inspiring watching the waves slap against the rocks and splash their spray.

At every stop along the coast I thought that had to be the perfect spot for a photograph, then we’d move a little farther down the beach and I thought that had to be the most perfect spot for pictures of rocks and waves.

There are so many picturesque spots along the Pacific coast that photographs really don’t do it justice. You really have to see it in person.

2 Comments on “The Rocky Coastline of Northern California…

  1. Hey! These plus the aquarium pictures are awesome. Great job. The aquarium pictures look like pictures in National Geographic Magazine. Need to talk soon. Would love to hear about your trip. Leaving this Thurs. for Fl. Will return a week from the following Sun. Ready for the half marathon. Did 13 miles last Sat. and back down to 8 miles today. Next Sat. will be 6 and the next weekend is the race. I’m ready.

  2. Thanks Charlotte. I can’t wait to get some of the aquarium photos printed. I have a few more of the Pacific coast to post along with the Yosemite and Mono Lake photos! Good luck in the half marathon!

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