An Old Barn In Maury County

My friend and I passed this intriguing old barn on our way home from Maury County – at least it looked intriguing to me, all the old wood, the little copula on top, the vines growing over it. It has long been forgotten, except by those looking for the old and forgotten things of the past to photograph. (You know you have a good…

Little White Church in Maury County

Back in August a friend of mine and I headed to Middle Tennessee on a road trip to visit another friend for her birthday. On the way home we found this little white church back off the side of the road. The lawn around the church was cut, so people are still worshiping there. What’s cool is that whether it’s a large mega church…

When little girls sing, “I love my new bike.”

When this sweetie girl got a new purple bike, she sang a little song that went like this, “Oh, I love my new bike. I love my new bike. Oh, I love my new bike. I love my new bike…,” as she rode up and down the driveway. The happiness just oozed out of this little girl with a new bike, and I got…

Beale St at Night

I seem to be hooked on night photos lately! Anyway, here’s another photo from my adventure to photograph Memphis at night this last weekend. Maybe tomorrow I’ll find another subject to post…or maybe not!

Memphis Night Lights

My friends and I found the best spot ever to photograph the Memphis skyline at night. It took a little clue searching to find it and a couple of wrong turns and backtracking on gravel roads, but it was worth it. It was a gorgeous night – perfect weather and no bugs!

Sunset on the Mississippi

Last weekend I participated in the Scott Kelby Photo Walk 2011 along with other photogs all over the world. This year I walked with photographers, both professional with really, really nice DSLRs and amateurs with point & shoots) in Memphis at Harbor Town. (I could live at Harbor Town!!) Always looking for an excuse to shoot with those who share the same passion! \

Love Missing Front Teeth

Don’t you just love it when little kids loose their front teeth. They are so cute! They get so excited when they come out. But moms (and grandmoms, aka Nana) know it means that their little ones are growing up…and it comes way too fast!  

I finally did it!

  I did it. I finally did it. I jumped head first into the world of blogs! I’m not sure what this world looks like from my end, but I want this to be a place to share all the passions of my life.