A Fall Afternoon on the River

There’s no better place in the fall to take family photographs than down by the river. You’re probably asking which river. A lot of cities have a river, but this one is the granddaddy of them all…the mighty Mississippi…ol’ man river…the big muddy. Whatever you call it, it’s a great place to capture memories. This sweet family has two little boys who were fascinated by the barges and throwing sticks into the water. We were lucky—we got a barge heading upstream in their family photo!

This Senior Graduate has the Beat…

Musical talent exudes from this ambitious graduate. I was honored to capture this young man’s senior portraits. We went to downtown Memphis and roamed the South Main district and the backstreets to find the perfect surroundings to capture his personality and style. One his favorite images is him walking down the trolley tracks with the confidence to tackle what’s ahead! (For the safety conscious – the trolleys were not running and the tracks were abandoned). Congratulations, Logan! Can’t wait to see where life and your talent takes you!



Scarbrough-4  DSC_7913



If you don’t understand how a woman could both love her sister dearly and want to wring her neck at the same time, then you were probably an only child.
~Linda Sunshine

Having two sisters myself I can attest to this statement by author Linda Sunshine! Having a sister gives you a forever best friend, she knows you better than you know yourself, and when the chips are down, will come to your rescue without a second thought. They are your biggest admirer… and your greatest nemesis!

When you watch these two sisters interact together you can tell they are each others biggest fan. When the eldest goes off to college in just a few short weeks, there will definitely be a void in the younger one’s life. And even though they might be miles apart, they will always and forever be best friends!

“When you have a sister, you have a friend forever.” ~ Anonymous

Smith Sisters 00041

Bolton High School 2014 Senior…

This amazing young woman graduated from high school, worked during the summer as a counselor at a youth camp, and is now headed to her first year at college! You can see her quiet and gentle spirit in her big blue eyes, but give her just a little spark and she comes alive with fun! We wish this Bolton High School senior all the best as she begins her journey to become the woman God has designed her to be!


hannah blog

Welcome Sweet Little Baby A… (Bartlett TN Children’s Photographer)

This little cutie was so sweet the morning we “played” together! She was wide eyed most of the time, except for about five minutes when we were able to capture some sleeping baby images. She didn’t cry though, mostly just looked around with the biggest blue eyes and stretched her little legs. Thank you, mom, for letting me photograph your precious baby!


The Little Cowboy…

This little cowboy was so excited to visit the barn and see the horses. He had everything he needed to look like a real-live cowboy…a flannel shirt, a pair of boots, and a real cowboy hat! The only thing he was lacking was a little bit of courage. You see this cowboy had never been this close to a horse before, and this horse was so-o-o much bigger than he was. But the cowboy’s newly found friend was so gentle that he eventually won the little cowboy over. They spent the morning getting to know each other and at times taking turns leading. After some guidance from the trainer the little cowboy got the hang of it and began to lead his new best bud around the ring with confidence. By the end of the day the little cowboy and the horse had become friends indeed!

I am so proud of this young 6 year old boy for taking the challenge to try something new and conquering his fears! Thank you to Oakland Stables in Oakland, TN for the use of their indoor riding area and providing the horse used in these images.

little cowboy

Rolling on the River…


The Mississippi River is an awesome backdrop for a photography session – especially in the afternoon with the soft golden glow of the setting sun washing over everything. This family was so much fun to be with. The brother and sister truly love each other and absolutely adore their mom! When we headed downtown to the river, we knew exactly what the mom was looking for…a large print of the kids looking out over the river with the sun setting. And as an extra bonus we got a barge in the background! It was an amazing afternoon – the weather was slightly crisp, there were some clouds in the sky, and the river flowed lazily south under the bridge.









Maras Family

Meet The Maras Family! 

Maras Family web 3690-E

Maras Family web 3761-Edit

Maras family DSC_3767-Edit

Maras family DSC_3761-Edit

Maras Family web 3767-Edit

Hard Work…

This fall has been really busy with traveling with my husband and friends and working with my photography business, but it has been a fun-filled fall.

One of the highlights was photographing the Elmore Park Middle School football players this year – and they were a great bunch of students!

I did have a favorite player on the team – #54, and she played on the line! This girl is one mighty athlete. She gained the respect of her coach and more importantly, the other players by her hard work, perseverance, and determination.

MG football



Beautiful You…Andrea

This tall, beautiful young woman is beginning her modeling career and I had the privilege of photographing her. I wanted to try some new lighting equipment and she needed some images for her portfolio. What more could a photographer ask for, a beautiful model and new lights! We were a perfect combination!



Big Sky Country…

Big Sky Country… you have to see it to fully grasp the enormous expanse of land and sky. The sky seemed to go forever against the unobstructed horizon. When we were there, a storm was brewing and the clouds were amazing. They billowed and rolled over the landscape and mountains. We headed out from Bozeman traveling the backroads and found what we call in the south farms, but in Montana they’re ranches. Some have been there for generations. Big Sky Country…breathtaking in every direction!

No Words for the Beauty of Yellowstone…

I’ve been very blessed to have been able to travel , both nationally and internationally…Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, Greece, The Netherlands and 25 states here in the US. Each has their own characteristics from beautiful beaches to majestic mountain ranges to pastoral farmlands. But I have to say that Yellowstone National Park has the most varied landscape I think I’ve ever seen. There aren’t enough words to describe the beauty and majesty of this park.

You can go to one part of the park and see bison grazing, drive 20 minutes and find the most bizarre, barren landscape this side of the moon. You can hike forests with mountain streams and waterfalls, watch geysers spraying high into the sky, and feel the warmth of boiling pots of liquid sending mounds of steam into the air.

Now onto the next adventure…South Dakota and the Badlands.


Motivation and determination…

Matthew Dillow-21This young man graduates from high school this month and is already planning for his future. He’s earned the rank of Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America, and with that distinction you know he has the motivation and determination to accomplish whatever he sets out to do. Congratulations! Job well done!

2018 Matthew Dillow-6


The Tetons…

The smoke from the fires burning in Washington and Montana in the fall of 2017 obscured the peak of the majestic Grand Teton. In fact, we could scarcely see the top of any of the other mountains. Although the haze prevented us from viewing high peaks of the Tetons, we toured and hiked the park taking it all it had to offer before heading to Yellowstone.

One morning during our visit, we got up very earlier and drove over the pass from Idaho, where we were staying, to photograph the Moulton Barn with the mountains behind it. The sky was so thick with smoke that the usually bright morning sun was almost hidden from view. Unfortunately, the mountains behind the barn were covered in haze and smoke. I photographed the famous barn and when I turned to walk back to the car, the scene behind me was bathed in a beautiful, early morning light. This was a great reminder to always look completely around a subject when you’re photographing, you never know when the more interesting view turns out to be behind you!

We’ll go back to the Tetons one day to view all the majesty and beauty of that National Park. Maybe then the peaks won’t be covered in smoke and I’ll get that famous photo of Moulton’s Barn! If not, there’s so much more to see!

2017 Tetons-0167

Personal Branding for Young Entrepreneur…


We had this talented and energetic young entrepreneur in the studio for some personal branding photographs. She needed two different styles for her various enterprises…a professional, business look and a more causal one for her skincare business.


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